The Fiddler's Creek Lifestyle
Luxury Homes and fun in Naples, Florida

What's life like in Fiddler's Creek?  Well, it's difficult to describe without sounding like a commercial.  Fiddler's Creek is one of those rare things that is actually better than expectations. Life here does actually exceed your wildest Florida dreams. No kiddin'!

Everybody down here has a lot in common.  Most of us have come here from parts north.  Over the years we've developed our dreams of actually living in Naples or Marco Island for at least the winter months if not permanently.  Most of us have been to every corner of Florida over the years and long ago concluded that this area was the best.  There are a million activities to take part in. The economy is strong and held up well even in the recession.  The people are friendly.  It's the best.

When the time comes to make the dream a reality, naturally, your interest in real estate goes up.  You need to make a nest down here, right?  This is when most of us stumbled upon Fiddler's Creek.  It couldn't be located better, in my opinion.  It's in Naples, but only a couple of miles from Marco Island.  It's outside the congestion that Naples gets in the winter but close enough to reach any of the amenities a nice city offers.  It's a stone's throw to Marco Island so you're in easy reach of fun stuff like boating and the beach.

With the location problem solved, the developers of Fiddler's Creek went to work on the lifestyle.  I say lifestyle because words like "amenities" or "features" don't begin to describe what this development really is.  In fact, this is where words really fall short and you must come experience it for yourself.  The Club and Spa at Fiddlers Creek is the centerpiece of the development.  The huge resort-style pool os flanked by and great indoor/outdoor restaurant.  If you can't muster the energy to walk over to it, just put the flag up on your lounge chair. They'll come to you. The Club and Spa is also home to a club and a spa and a fitness center and a pro shop and it's pretty much endless.

The golf at Fiddler's Creek is second to none.  If you're a golfer, you've seen those picturesque fairways lined with palm trees and exotic grassy bushes.  This is that.  The course is called The Rookery and it's an amazing creation by Robert Cupp, Jr.  It's 7100 yards of challenging fun.  The clubhouse is tasteful and luxurious.  The name Rookery means bird sanctuary but really it's a people sactuary.  Great golf, great little grill.  It's just a great day when you're cruising around Rookery.

The homes of Fiddler's Creek are really what sets the atmosphere along with the amazing landscaping.  It's simply a beautiful place to live.  The quality of life here is tough to match at any price.  The value here is unmatchable.

I've truly only scratched the surface here.  Fiddler's Creek is not like any other development around.  It's special and unique. See for yourself.  Schedule a tour today.