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Fiddler's Creek New Construction

New Condo in Fiddler's Creek

Construction is in full swing in Fiddler's Creek. When complete there will be over 100 enclaves within the development. Builder's like Stock, D.R.Horton and Lennar are wasting no time in seeing their projects completed. It's a great time to take advantage of what will be considered bargain prices in the near future.

Buy Now or Wait?

At this point in the real estate cycle, the best advice is simply, "buy something - anything."  After the real estate crash, all of the real estate in Fiddler's Creek is on sale.  I don't mean simply that it is now cheaper than it once was.  I mean it's cheaper than it should be.  If we had never seen the real estate bubble and subsequent bubble burst, we'd be higher than we are now.  That's a fact.  Regular appreciation that we have had for decades would have brought prices higher than they are now.

New Condo or Used Condo?

Of course, there are some great benefits enjoyed by the new condo owner.  First, you can design it to some extent.  You can pick floor and wall finishes. You can pick your cabinets and light fixtures.  You can even choose your view.  You get a warranty with a new condo.  You get to be the first person who lives in your home.  You can christen it any way you want then set sail on a fantastic future living in Fiddler's Creek.

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