Consignment Shops in Naples, Florida

Posted by Dan Boyle on Friday, January 4th, 2019 at 3:04pm.

Audrey's Consignment Shop in NaplesConsignment shops, thrift stores - whatever you want to call them, we've got them in Naples. If you are looking for an individual, local shopping experience, you will really enjoy these fun, eclectic stores.

Clothing Consignment

When people think ‘buying clothes,’ often their first idea is to go to the mall. And there are tons of great options at the malls in Naples. But an even better option than the mall is Naples’ clothing consignment stores and boutiques.

Why consignment? You pay less for more. $100 goes much further at a consignment shop than at, say, Chico’s. You might even find some clothes from Chico’s at the consignment store. But instead of paying $100 for designer pieces, you might pay just 50 percent.

Another reason to shop consignment is that you can find all of your favorite brands in one shop. Rather than go to Old Navy, Coach, and Nike, you can just go to one store. Consignment shops buy many different kinds of clothes and have many styles and brand options in one location for your convenience! Plus, when you shop at a consignment shop, you know you’re buying local. Your money is going to someone in your community, not into the swollen bank account of a corporate executive!

Twice as Nice

One of the favorite local consignment shops in Naples is Twice as Nice. With locations on both 2nd Avenue and Tamiami Avenue N, this shop brings in a lot of loyal customers. They are well-organized and have merchandise in excellent condition! Find Kate Spade and Dooney and Bourke, but also enjoy cheaper brands. There is something for everyone! If you are looking to consign here, they are easy to work with and donate what no one wants. 

Audrey’s of Naples

Audrey’s of Naples is a gem of 5th Avenue. In the third generation of being family run, this consignment shop has personal employees with warm customer service who know everything about their products. Their store is very organized and professional-looking. The shoe section is a shoe fanatic’s dream!

Designer Divas Resale Boutique

At Designer Divas Resale Boutique on Vanderbilt Beach Road, you know you’re getting top line brands for a deal. Designer Divas has an upscale feel as well as kind and helpful staff. They post their best and latest deals on their Facebook page, making it easy to see when a real steal goes up.

Furniture Consignment

Furniture can be expensive and it is always hard to find just the right piece that you need to complete one room. You don’t have to break the bank to outfit your home with beautiful furnishings. The fact that so many Naples homes and condos are sold furnished creates a tremendous market for used furniture. Take advantage of the bargains and check out one of these local furniture consignment stores.

Up for Grabs Consignment

Looking for some high-end furniture? Up for Grabs is where people come when they have unique and expensive items to replace. The showroom is huge and has many beautiful displays. In addition to furniture, Up for Grabs also has plenty of antique items they buy and sell at affordable prices. The longer something sits on the sales floor, the more it gets reduced, which is great for bargain hunters!

The Find Furniture Consignment

Cheap, cheap, cheap! The Find Furniture prides itself on selling things on the low end of the price scale. They offer quality furnishings at terrific prices. It doesn’t have to be a designer brand or high-end merchandise for The Find. Their warehouse is well-organized and visually appealing, making it very easy to find a set that goes well together.

Thrift Shops 

What’s the difference between a consignment shop and a thrift shop? Typically, thrift shops are for a non-profit. Most of their staff are volunteers, and their merchandise is donated rather than bought. The real difference comes regarding price and quality for consumers. Since the items are donated, they are less thoroughly vetted and may not be as high of quality as you would find at a consignment store. But this is also reflected in the price. Thrift shops have very low and affordable prices. If you are willing to sort through merchandise, you can find some great deals!

Here are some local thrift shops to check out:

The Shelter OPTIONS Shoppe

Located on 2nd Avenue, OPTIONS has excellent merchandise at thrift shop prices. Their proceeds go to benefit the local shelter. Their contact info is (239) 434-7115.

Avow Treasures

Avow is located on Tamiami and has a great selection and turnover rate, so there are always new things to buy. Avow is unique because they also will purchase items in addition to accepting donations. Their proceeds help benefit many different programs including veteran programs, hospice, and grief support services. Their number is (239) 649-0201.


There is, of course, a Goodwill located on Pine Ridge. The Goodwill here is small and easy to navigate. Their contact info is (239) 592-1586.

What to Expect

When you are looking to sell to a consignment shop, make sure you do your research. Lookup what brands the stores are accepting and actively seeking to purchase. You will have more bargaining power if a store is searching for a brand you are selling. Second, make sure you research what your item is selling for online to get an idea of what a good value is for it.

If you are selling second-hand, your item should be in good condition. There might be some used wear and tear (figuratively speaking), but it should be in good enough shape for someone to want to use. If a shirt is stained, color-worn, or torn, then it will not be accepted by a consignment shop. The same goes for furniture. A few scratches are okay, but cracks or a missing table leg might be counted against you.

One way to raise your odds of selling higher is to have your original packaging. That’s right! Don’t throw away those shoe boxes just yet. Sell them with the item, and you’ll get more for your items.

Garage Sales

Another option for finding bargains or offloading old items is a garage sale. At garage sales, people are trying to get rid of their stuff. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, after all! You might just be able to find that beautiful table for $50! 

If you are planning on having a garage sale, you will need a permit. Visit Collier County Permitting to get details about applying. The permit also includes posting up to two temporary signs to advertise. In addition, make sure you tell your neighbors, co-workers, and even consider posting on Craigslist or Facebook to get the most exposure.

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