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Tarpon Club is Calling

It is impossible to live by the majestic Gulf of Mexico and resist the temptation to take a boat out onto it. In fact, the clear blue waters of the gulf is one of the biggest attractions for residents, and the marina provided by the Tarpon Club, Naples FL, provides an easy way to make the most of it.

Whether residents live in the southern end of Naples, Marco Island, or further inland in Hammock Bay or Fiddler’s Creek, boating and fishing is one of the most popular recreations. And even without direct access to a waterway or the gulf itself, you can still keep your own vessel ready to use whenever you choose.

Of course, in this region of Florida, there is no shortage of activities for Fiddler’s Creek residents, and others

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Fiddlers Creek KitchenAt first glance, it may seem an unlikely combination, but home buyers are increasingly expect residential developments that offer more than just comfortable homes. Perhaps the finest example of home, lifestyle and environment working in unison to meet those expectations is Fiddler’s Creek, next to Marco Island.

There are already more than 1,700 Fiddler’s Creek condos and family homes constructed in 35 communities across the overall development. When it is eventually completed, Fiddler’s Creek will have 6,000 homes across 100 communities, but while this may suggest an urban sprawl, developers have ensured that the environment is adequately conserved.

Fiddler’s Creek conservation policy is part of an overall plan that provides an ideal balance between

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Where is Fiddler's Creek? It's in Naples, Florida.  In fact, it is sandwiched nicely between southern Naples and Marco Island.  If you're in search of that perfect spot in Florida to call home, either permanently or part-time, Fiddler's Creek is for you.  First, it's a luxury development that offers everything you could ask for from golf and tennis to fine dining and boating.  Beyond all of that, the homes and condos are top-notch in all price ranges.  There is hardly a property in Fiddler's Creek that isn't on a lake or a fairway.

If there is a place in Florida that offers more, I'd like to see it.  Fiddler's has a few advantages that other planned communities don't.  First, the location is unique.  Most of you northerners probably assume, like I did,

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