Fiddler's Creek - Marco Island or Naples?

Posted by Dan Boyle on Monday, January 20th, 2014 at 1:34pm.

Where is Fiddler's Creek? It's in Naples, Florida.  In fact, it is sandwiched nicely between southern Naples and Marco Island.  If you're in search of that perfect spot in Florida to call home, either permanently or part-time, Fiddler's Creek is for you.  First, it's a luxury development that offers everything you could ask for from golf and tennis to fine dining and boating.  Beyond all of that, the homes and condos are top-notch in all price ranges.  There is hardly a property in Fiddler's Creek that isn't on a lake or a fairway.

If there is a place in Florida that offers more, I'd like to see it.  Fiddler's has a few advantages that other planned communities don't.  First, the location is unique.  Most of you northerners probably assume, like I did, that all of Florida is warm and sunny.  It isn't.  Of course, in the summer, the entire State is hot and humid but it's in the other three seasons that Naples and Marco Island shine.  It's typically ten degrees warmer here than it is in Sarasota and Tampa.  We're in shorts down here while they're wearing jackets in Orlando.  You came to Florida to lose your jacket, right?

The other way that Fiddler's Creek takes advantage of the old adage "location, location, location," is its placement between Naples and Marco Island.  Naples is the perfect sized city for enjoying culture, shopping and dining.  Marco Island is the perfect place to spend the day at the beach, or go fishing or sailing.  You really feel like you have it all in Fiddlers Creek. In fact, the neighborhood was so well designed and so complete, most days, you won't feel like leaving.

Condo and home sales in Fiddler's Creek have bee moving along briskly for a couple of years now and prices have started to climb.  Foreclosures are becoming fewer and farther between.  The good news is that prices are still far below where they should be.  What I mean by that is the market would be much higher than it is right now if it had just continued to plod along at 4-5% per year like it did until the realestate bubble.  Instead the bubble inflated, subsequently burst, then fell below fair value.  If the stock market adage "buy low - sell high" is sound advice, you should take a serious look at Fiddler's Creek in Marco Island.  I mean Naples.

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