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While our website is focused on real estate, and helping people find houses and condos, property is nothing without a great lifestyle to go along with it. This restaurant guide is intended to give you just a piece of the Land & Sea roadmap to the incomparable Naples lifestyle that we love.

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Naples, Florida is known for many things. Perhaps one of its greatest attributes is its eclectic array of restaurants. Everything from authentic Indian food to the best steaks and seafood anywhere is available here. On any night during our busy season, from Christmas through Easter, you'll find 5th Avenue bubbling over with snowbirds enjoying one of the great restaurants

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Golfer on Naples golf courseOne of the things Naples, Florida is famous for is golf. If you view Southwest Florida on Google Earth, you'll see golf courses everywhere. Be aware though, that all those links aren't accessible. Most of them are private. That's great if you're a member, but for the casual or economy golfer, it can be frustrating. For example, Audubon International Golf Country Club memberships are $55,000, and the annual golf dues are $11,550 on top of that. For the high-handicapper, vacationer or occasional player, this isn't practical. Many people either don’t want to pay the price or don’t spend enough time down here to make it worthwhile. Luckily, there are some public golf courses in Naples, Florida and they're fantastic.

Arrowhead Golf Course

Address: 2205

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Students in Collier County SchoolThe Collier County Public School district serves over 40 schools in and around Naples, Florida. The region recently improved its graduation rate to an impressive 91.9 % and also places a strong emphasis on STEAM programs and competitions. Naples offers a plethora of public schools as well as charter and private schools that will inspire confidence in the most particular parent. While each school has their positive and negative attributes, the school ratings and teacher quality ratings are quite respectable. If you're considering buying a home in Naples, Florida, you can be sure that the schools will satisfy you and your kids.

Naples High Schools

Lorenzo Walker Technical School

Rating: 42nd Best High School in FL

Address: 3702 Estey Avenue,

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Common safety hazards in the homeWe hear all kinds of surprising stories about terrible accidents people have in their homes. The first thought is usually ‘oh, that would never happen to me!’ Home safety hazards wait around every corner for you and your child. You should be aware and be proactive to help prevent an accident or a tragedy. A safe home is a happy home! Knowing the hazards can help you keep yourself and your family safe in your Naples home.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is probably the leader in death by poison. It is the ultimate assassin, undetectable by sight or smell. The symptoms can vary but may include nausea and headaches, lethargy, abdominal pain, confusion and dizziness, and may also include blurred vision. Carbon monoxide is a deadly killer and presents a

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5th Avenue ShopperWhether searching for a home or a great place to vacation, it is always important to check out the shopping destinations. Naples has a great variety of shopping options from which to choose. There are both upscale shops like Waterside Shops or Venetian Bay, outlet malls like Miramar and typical shopping malls with all of the giant chains. And for the more unique and original tastes, there are even consignment and souvenir shops. Most of the shopping centers are in convenient locations along 5th Avenue South located in downtown Naples or on Tamiami Trail, the main boulevard through town. Keep reading for a breakdown of the different shopping options in Naples, Florida.

Shopping Malls

When you think ‘shopping,’ a shopping mall might be the first thing

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Audrey's Consignment Shop in NaplesConsignment shops, thrift stores - whatever you want to call them, we've got them in Naples. If you are looking for an individual, local shopping experience, you will really enjoy these fun, eclectic stores.

Clothing Consignment

When people think ‘buying clothes,’ often their first idea is to go to the mall. And there are tons of great options at the malls in Naples. But an even better option than the mall is Naples’ clothing consignment stores and boutiques.

Why consignment? You pay less for more. $100 goes much further at a consignment shop than at, say, Chico’s. You might even find some clothes from Chico’s at the consignment store. But instead of paying $100 for designer pieces, you might pay just 50 percent.

Another reason to shop

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Florida Closing CostHow much are closing costs in Florida? They’re probably very similar to what you’d encounter with any real estate transactions in most areas of the country, with a few exceptions. Will cover the basics of closing costs related to your home sale or purchase. Contact us for a closing cost estimate for any Naples property you see on our site or if you're selling one.

Consider the costs of selling a home. What comes to mind? If you’re selling, maybe you think about the commission. Some others include staging ($1,200 on average), keeping water and AC on if your house is vacant, mortgage payoff, transfer taxes ($750 on average), and even title insurance (read on). Yet, if you are buying a house, there are many different fees and costs to consider: the actual

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Naples Beach and Naples PierNaples sits on the Gulf of Mexico with pristine, white beaches and crystal clear waters. There are many different beaches to choose from including nature preserves, beaches packed with amenities, family beaches, and even beaches great for partying with friends. Read on for a description of each beach in Naples, Florida.

Vanderbilt Beach

Address: Vanderbilt Beach Rd, Naples, FL 34108

Phone: (239) 252-4000

Located toward North Naples, Vanderbilt is one of the more popular beaches. A drop-off point and parking garage offer convenience for beach patrons. In addition to the parking garage, there is metered parking that accepts credit cards. Parking is $8.

Vanderbilt has many resorts lining its edges. This allows easy access to shopping and food.

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Tarpon Club is Calling

It is impossible to live by the majestic Gulf of Mexico and resist the temptation to take a boat out onto it. In fact, the clear blue waters of the gulf is one of the biggest attractions for residents, and the marina provided by the Tarpon Club, Naples FL, provides an easy way to make the most of it.

Whether residents live in the southern end of Naples, Marco Island, or further inland in Hammock Bay or Fiddler’s Creek, boating and fishing is one of the most popular recreations. And even without direct access to a waterway or the gulf itself, you can still keep your own vessel ready to use whenever you choose.

Of course, in this region of Florida, there is no shortage of activities for Fiddler’s Creek residents, and others

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Fiddlers Creek KitchenAt first glance, it may seem an unlikely combination, but home buyers are increasingly expect residential developments that offer more than just comfortable homes. Perhaps the finest example of home, lifestyle and environment working in unison to meet those expectations is Fiddler’s Creek, next to Marco Island.

There are already more than 1,700 Fiddler’s Creek condos and family homes constructed in 35 communities across the overall development. When it is eventually completed, Fiddler’s Creek will have 6,000 homes across 100 communities, but while this may suggest an urban sprawl, developers have ensured that the environment is adequately conserved.

Fiddler’s Creek conservation policy is part of an overall plan that provides an ideal balance between

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