16 Irresistible Restaurants in Naples, Florida {Menus & Directions Inside}

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While our website is focused on real estate, and helping people find houses and condos, property is nothing without a great lifestyle to go along with it. This restaurant guide is intended to give you just a piece of the Land & Sea roadmap to the incomparable Naples lifestyle that we love.

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Naples, Florida is known for many things. Perhaps one of its greatest attributes is its eclectic array of restaurants. Everything from authentic Indian food to the best steaks and seafood anywhere is available here. On any night during our busy season, from Christmas through Easter, you'll find 5th Avenue bubbling over with snowbirds enjoying one of the great restaurants like Vergina or Bha! Bha!

While Fifth Avenue might be considered the epicenter of Naples cuisine, great places are all over the city. USS Nemo's, one of the best, is in a nondescript shopping strip on US41 (right next to Norman Love's candy shop). Tommy Bahama's and Campiello are on 3rd Street. Anyway, below we've listed a few of our favorites and we'll vouch for any of these places 100%. Try them all this season. They're great! For the ultimate guide to Marco Island restaurants, visit the Sun King.

USS Nemo

  • Address: 3745 Tamiami Trail N.
  • Phone: 239-261-6366
  • Hours:     Lunch: Mon.-Fri. 11:30-2
  • Dinner: Mon.-Thurs. & Sun. 4-9:30, Fri.-Sat. 4-10
  • Menu
  • Directions

USS Nemo dining roomThe USS Nemo might not look like a fine restaurant at first glance with its flashy, bright red sign. But happiness can be found even in the most unassuming of places. USS Nemo is one of the most sought-after seafood restaurants in Naples. It has over 400 reviews on Google, and the location is raved about everywhere in the Naples community. This seafood restaurant has an ambiance and atmosphere that lives and breathes its slogan ‘Underwater cuisine and adventure.’ The portholes lining the restaurant and the sculptures of fish are perfect for making you feel like you are underwater. Just be sure to make a reservation, either online or by phone, as this place is so crowded, it has a long waiting list sometimes.

For lunch, check out the corn and fish chowder followed perhaps by the black grouper sandwich or grilled branzino salad. USS Nemo also has a list of decadent fish tacos, lunch Wok’s, bento boxes, and poke bowls from which to choose. 

For dinner, start off with the tasty calamari crisped to perfection. Then help yourself to the USS Nemo’s signature dish, the miso encrusted seabass ($38) served with a citrus ginger butter. The internet is full of reviews raving over this particular dish. (Try it for lunch for around $26.) Or, mix it up and indulge in the volcano yellowtail snapper, or grilled ½ pound lobster. Try the goat cheese and pear salad or seaweed salad on the side. Follow up with Nemo’s signature dessert you won’t find anywhere else: Trinity of Profiteroles. This tasty treat is layered puff pastries with three kinds of ice cream: mango, ginger, and sweet azuki. In between are dark chocolate, white chocolate, and warm butterscotch sauces. 

Osteria Tulia 

  • Address: 466 5th Ave. S
  • Phone: 239-213-2073
  • Hours: Lunch Sun.-Sat. 11:30-2:30
  • In between Limited Bar Menu: Sun.-Sat. 2:30-5
  • Dinner Sun.-Sat. 5-close (2 am on weekends)
  • Menu
  • Directions

Authentic Italian cuisine! Chef Vincenzo brought his Italian heritage to Naples and started up Osteria to share his love for Italian food with the city. The restaurant has a cozy old-Italy feel, which can be attributed to its location in a restored Italian farmhouse. Tulia is best known for its simple menu items presented in a creative way. Chef Vincenzo is always changing the menu and trying new things. The staff and servers at this Italian restaurant are highly knowledgeable in helping make menu selections. The menu is also accommodating with plenty of gluten-free and vegetarian options!

Osteria Tulia from 5th Ave.

You might find one favorite on the menu such as the charred octopus, but there is also a tasty rotisserie chicken that is anything but ordinary. Many customers rave over the salmon dishes Tulia serves up. Short ribs and lobster are also popular menu options. Some favorite deserts include the lemon ricotta cake and the house favorite tiramisu! The prices, of course, match the quality here, and it is a little pricey. All menu items are local and come from farms with as low of an ecological footprint as possible. The wines are hand selected from small wineries either locally owned or from Italy. Tulia has a reputation upon which it delivers!

The Continental

  • Address: 1205 3rd St. S
  • Phone: 239-659-0007
  • Hours: Lunch 7 Days a week 11:30-3
  • Dinner Sun.-Wed. 5-10, Bar menu until 11
  • Th.-Sat. 5-10:30, Bar menu until 11:30
  • Menu
  • Directions

D’amico’s The Continental opened in 2014 and has been the buzz of the steakhouses in Naples ever since. The beautiful restaurant has a gorgeous outdoor patio featuring live entertainment every night and dancing! The bar options here focus on the Prohibition-era classics that have stood the test of time. But the bartenders are craftsmen and can craft a cocktail to what you like as well as recommend menu options. The restaurant describes itself as “New York steakhouse meets 1920’s Parisian bistro.” This upscale steakhouse delivers on service with managers who pay attention to the details and staff who make every person feel like a VIP each time.

Besides amazing steaks and seafood, The Continental in Naples features a delectable brunch menu as well as its lunch menu. The prices are on the higher side, but the quality is top-notch. The Continental features five different steaks: Iowa Premium, Piedmontese, Rangers Valley, Snake Rivers Farm, and Japanese Wagyu A5. The Piedmontese steaks are lean and tender and bred and raised through all-natural means and have low cholesterol and low calories. These run around $40-$50 0n the lunch menu and $50-$110 on the dinner menu. The Japanese Wagyu is the most expensive steak, so much so that the price isn’t even on the menu. 

In addition to their world class steaks, The Continental also features a small, but varied menu with salads, soups, cold starters, hot starters, vegetables, ‘not steak’ items, and the fresh seafood menu. Some favorite non-steak items include roast chicken, meatloaf, warm steamed vegetables, and the grilled lobster tail. 

Sea Salt

  • Address: 1186 3rd Street S
  • Phone: 239-434-7258
  • Hours: Mon.-Sat. 11:30-10, Sun. 11:30-9
  • Menu
  • Directions

Sea Salt is a more casual upscale restaurant in Old Naples. Chef Fabrizio Aielli brings a Venetian touch to the lush seafood community in Southwest Florida. Sea Salt offers both indoor and outdoor seating on its beautiful patio, which usually has a much longer wait. Their wine list is vast, and Sea Salt prides itself on its creative food combinations while using organic and locally grown/caught foods. You might even be surprised at the end of your meal with a complimentary treat of cotton candy!

The prices here are pretty high, but the lunch menu is much more moderately priced. Some favorite dishes include their grilled swordfish, red snapper, and calamari. Try new things with exquisite and surprising dishes like the avocado stuffed with jumbo lump crab meat. Or check out their fresh salads, steaks, and even homemade pasta dishes. Get a plate to share with Sea Salt’s signature Fire and Ice platter, which has a combination of an assortment of oysters on the half shell, jumbo white shrimp cocktail, fresh steamed Maine lobster tail, crispy calamari and rock shrimp tossed in sweet chili, and a crispy assortment of shrimp, oysters, calamari, zucchini, and red peppers. 

Tommy Bahama’s

  • Address: 1220 3rd Street S
  • Phone: 239-643-6889
  • Hours: Daily 11-11
  • Menu
  • Directions

Tommy Bahama's RestaurantYes, this Tommy Bahama’s is the same as the clothing brand. This store in Downtown Naples also has an award-winning restaurant, and it is surprisingly fantastic! Tommy Bahama’s has a great beach atmosphere and a beautiful patio, a lively bar, and live music. People come here for the experience as much as the food!

The food options here are varied. Tommy Bahama’s restaurant features a large selection of seafood-related items, but also many steakhouse dishes like steaks and burgers. Some favorite recipes include the coconut shrimp and ahi poke, blue crab and avocado salad, prime rib French dip sandwich, and the key lime pie! They feature unique items like the macadamia crusted snapper and the Kona coffee crusted ribeye that spice up the flavor of your favorite foods! Tommy Bahama's is an excellent place for vegetarians or people with gluten sensitivities, as Tommy Bahama’s has menus specifically for both of these. If you are looking for exceptional(and reliable) food at a reasonable price and a fun dining experience, try Tommy Bahama’s.

The Grill at The Ritz-Carlton

  • Address: 280 Vanderbilt Beach Road
  • Phone: 239-598-6644
  • Hours: Dinner Tues.-Sat. 6-10
  • Menu
  • Directions

The Ritz-Carlton is a beautiful hotel in Naples. Like many hotels, the Ritz-Carlton has a restaurant inside for guest convenience. However, The Grill is too delicious of a gem to restrain to just visitors at the hotel. People come from out of town to visit this steakhouse. The service here is five-star, and they have a very well-crafted wine list. The Grill describes its style as ‘sophisticated dining’ and is a little upscale, but not the most expensive of steakhouses.

Start your dinner off with the lobster bisque, acclaimed by some as the best they have ever had. Then, maybe choose the house favorite salmon, or one of the dry-aged steaks such as the Delmonico, a 16-ounce steak which has left The Grill guests raving. Choose the delicious au gratin potatoes as the side! The Grill has a beautiful selection of desserts, its 12-layer chocolate cake, and vanilla Crème Brulee being some of the most popular. The Grill aims to make each dining experience the kind where you can enjoy good food and great company late into the evening. It seeks to further the goals of the Ritz-Carlton: make you feel as though you have a home away from home. 

Chez Boet

  • Address: 755 12th Ave. S
  • Phone: 239-643-6177
  • Hours: Dinner 7 days 5-10
  • Menu
  • Directions

This French bistro features home cooking with a farm to table approach. The owners, Phillipe and Lisa, had met in Paris, a place that has since been near and dear to their hearts. They opened Chez Boet in 2003, and Lisa and Phillipe’s love for their restaurant hasn’t diminished. Both owners participate in all tasks at the restaurant, no matter how large or small. The couple focuses on hands-on customer service and makes every visit from their guests feel extra special! Each year, they take a trip to France so they can keep getting unique ideas for new recipes.

Enjoy your dinner inside the cozy bistro, or out on the dog-friendly terrace in the beautiful Naples weather. Start with the house favorite Soup de Poisson. Follow up with an entrée of the Carre d’Agneau, a 10 oz New Zealand lamb rack with Dijon, herbs, and port wine sauce. Another favorite dish is the Canard Roti, half of a roasted duck with fresh orange and orange liqueur. Cap it all off with one of the many in-house made desserts, which includes a decadent Napoleon with fresh berries! Or maybe complete your meal with a round of scotch from Phillipe’s scotch menu.

The food and menu here at Chare based on locally grown produce, and locally raised beef/gulf caught seafood. As suchez Boet, they change the menu seasonally to meet what is fresh and in season. Make sure to call ahead or reserve online to make sure you get a table!


  • Address: 1177 3rd St. S
  • Phone: 239-435-1166
  • Hours: Lunch 7 days 11:30-3
  • Limited bar menu 3-5
  • Dinner Sun.-Thurs. 5-10, Fri-Sat 5-11
  • Menu
  • Directions

Campiello is located downtown near the beautiful shopping district of historic Naples making Campiello a very popular Italian restaurant for shoppers and visitors alike. They offer the unique option of sitting out front, inside, or in their private, beautiful courtyard in the back. Each area has a distinct vibe and ambience, but many people love the patio! The bar is also a favorite here, as it has an extensive wine menu and some dessert cocktails as well. Campiello makes its pasta in-house and also has a wood-burning oven for cooking its pizzas in true Italian fashion! Other ingredients are imported all the way from Italy!

Start your lunch off with a local tomato and burrata Caprese salad. Try one of the restaurant’s hot, crunchy pizzas, which include Margherita, scampi, carbonara, and verdure mista. The patrons of Campiello swear by its pasta, so consider tasting one of their many tasty pasta dishes like the fusilli with pistachio almond pesto and gulf shrimp, or even the classic spaghetti, crafted in a way that will forever make you a spaghetti snob! 

For dinner, consider the spit roasted chicken or grilled veal chop. Check out one of the restaurant’s unique dishes: pan roasted black grouper, balsamic glazed short ribs, or the sautéed snapper piccata. Campiello also features an ‘Italia Regionale’ menu, which features a full course menu that changes each month. This menu is to help bring new tastes and flavors from Italy to the patrons of Campiello in Naples. Don’t forget a mouth-watering dessert of cannoli cheesecake or currant panettone bread pudding before you depart!

Sails Restaurant

  • Address: 301 5th Avenue S
  • Phone: 239-360-2000
  • Hours: Lunch Wed.-Sun. 11:30-3
  • Dinner 7 days 4:30- Midnight
  • Menu
  • Directions

This European-style seafood restaurant sits close to the gulf and beach. The tall ceilings, neutral colors, and marble bar come together for a beautiful dining experience. Sails features a wine room to die for with staff who know how to make recommendations and pairings. The staff makes each guest feel like they are the only ones in the restaurant, and management goes to much trouble to make everyone feel at home, including very comfortable chairs! Sails is one of those great places where the fish is displayed on ice awaiting your decision. Then, watch the chefs prepare your dish right in front of you! True craftsmanship and care are imparted to each plate. The menu is updated seasonally, and ingredients are from local and small businesses. Some fish is flown straight to the restaurant right after being caught in the Mediterranean! 

Both the lunch and dinner menus offer a three-course option as well as a list of chef recommendations. For lunch, consider the seafood towers as a unique menu option in true European fashion. The dinner menu is short but has an excellent variety. The ‘main course’ dishes include fish Dijon, scallop, peppered tuna Rossini, Little Joe grass-fed prime tenderloin, Acquerello Risotto, and veal rib chop. A favorite at Sails is the salmon tartare. Wrap up your meal with one of six dessert choices, including chocolate hazelnut gatou, mango citrus curd, and a Valrhona chocolate souffle. 

You'll find Sails Restaurant at the end of the shopping and dining hub of 5th Avenue.

Ocean Prime

  • Address: 699 5th Avenue S
  • Phone: 239-430-0404
  • Hours: Mon.-Thurs. 11:30-10, Fri. & Sat. 11:30-11, Sun. 11:30-9
  • Menu
  • Directions

Ocean Prime is a seafood restaurant and steakhouse, one of 15 opened nationwide by Cameron Mitchell. Each Ocean Prime restaurant is designed and decorated especially with the city’s culture in mind. Visit Ocean Prime to get a feel for the vibe of the town while enjoying the beautiful décor, world-class service, and vibrant energy. Visit during the week for great happy hour deals, or take your date here for a night out. Ocean Prime is business casual. 

Start your meal off with complimentary pretzel bread and truffle popcorn. Then, order off a varied and original list of appetizers, the favorite of which is the goat cheese ravioli and appetizer surf and turf. Enjoy steamy lobster bisque or the house salad complete with granny smith apples, goat cheese, walnuts, and a sherry mustard vinaigrette. Glance over the sushi menu or the raw bar, or opt for one of Ocean Prime’s menu favorites: Chilean seabass, ahi tuna, or the entrée surf and turf (8 oz filet and butter poached lobster tail.) The sides, while sounding ordinary enough, are prepared to the utmost perfection. These include roasted Brussel sprouts, smoked gouda tater tots, and black truffle mac and cheese. Finish off your meal with a crème brulee, perfectly crisped on top but decadently creamy in the middle. Or dig into the 10-layer carrot cake, a signature of Ocean Prime.


  • Address: 698 4th Avenue S
  • Phone: 239-530-3131
  • Hours: 5-10 Daily
  • Menu
  • Directions

Truluck’s is another of Naples’ great seafood restaurants. While it is a chain, Truluck’s has the deliciously prepared local dishes and superb service you would expect of any top-notch local restaurant. The atmosphere here is a little more formal due to the business casual attire. The management and waiting staff are very accommodating and give you the best-tailored service they possibly can. Truluck’s has a great happy hour selection, and also has cocktail hour at their Stone Crab Lounge from 4-7 every night. Experience live entertainment every night of the week while enjoying fresh fish dishes, and steaks cooked to perfection. 

Trulucks Restaurant

Start your evening with some fresh Florida stone crab claws, a favorite of the patrons at Truluck’s. Then, help yourself to some crab cakes, the best Alaskan king crab, or even the Holland Dover Sole. There is a list of prime steaks, all antibiotic and hormone free. Don’t look over the surf and turf option! Each day, the chef selects a ‘cut of the day’ and a fresh catch of the day. Make sure to ask about these daily options! Finish our your evening with some coffee French-pressed in front of you, a well-made martini, a dessert cocktail, or even their famous baked Alaska or carrot cake dessert!

Caffe Milano

  • Address: 800 5th Avenue S
  • Phone: 239-692-8480
  • Hours: 11:30-11 7 Daily
  • Menu
  • Directions

Caffe Milano is a modern rustic Italian restaurant with a lively atmosphere. Its widespread appeal often has the eatery crowded and louder than other establishments. The internet is filled with one raving review after another about the homemade pasta and excellent dining experiences patrons have received here. The owners and management genuinely care about customer satisfaction and go above and beyond to ensure a genuinely superb Italian dining experience. Caffe Milano even has a VIP loyalty program for its most exuberant fans. Not to mention, they also deliver via Ubereats. But perhaps the best plus about Caffe Milano is its half-priced menu during 3-5, with house wines at $5. Now is a great time to try the restaurant first hand, its prices being very fair for the fantastic service and food. Just make sure to book ahead!

Begin your meal with fresh-made bread and oil and a bottle of decadent wine. Choose from a wide array of soups, salads, and appetizers before your main course. The homemade plates of pasta are always a great option, the favorites being gnocchi sorrentina and pappardelle Al Ragu. Perhaps try their original spin on pizza, the ‘skizza,’ or even their creamy risotto! Never leave about leaving here hungry thanks to their generous portion sizes. But if you still have room, definitely try dessert! They have a giant, original spin on tiramisu, and hand-made to order gelato!

Seasons 52

  • Address: 8930 Tamiami Trail N
  • Phone: 239-594-8852
  • Hours: Lunch Daily 11:30-4
  • Dinner Mon.-Th. 4-10, Fri. & Sat. 4-11, Sun. 4-9 (Happy Hour 3-7)
  • Menu
  • Directions

While a chain restaurant, Seasons 52 is not your typical mediocre meal. When dining at Seasons 52, you can experience the quiet, relaxed atmosphere, unusual for such a busy place. The Seasons focuses on healthier eating by controlling portion sizes. They use oak fire grilling and brick oven roasting, no frying! Their website has a complete list of nutritional info, and most dishes are under 500 calories! Not to mention, they pay particular attention to dietary needs and have menus for vegan, vegetarians, and gluten-free diets. Even though Seasons 52 is a chain, they still have superior service and waiters who know the menu inside out and make excellent recommendations.

Start your evening with an appetizer of a whole roasted cauliflower and maybe a soup of their to die for porcini mushroom soup. The flatbreads are popular choices for the main course and have some creative options (braised short rib and cedar) and some classics (roasted Romano tomato). For some fabulous meat options, try the pork tenderloin, or wood-grilled filet mignon. Seasons 52 also has delicious seafood options, of which the cedar plank salmon and wood grilled rainbow trout are the favorites! The Seasons also has a part of its menu labeled as ‘handhelds.’ Some options here include the guacamole burger and the blackened mahi-mahi tacos. Most everyone raves and praises Seasons 52’s desserts! Try the Belgian chocolate s’more, poached pear cheesecake, or even their over the top fantastic pecan pie! 

Bha! Bha! Persian Bistro

  • Address: 865 5th Avenue S
  • Phone: 239-594-5557
  • Hours: Sun.-Th. 5-9, Fri.-Sat. 5-10
  • Menu
  • Directions

Are you looking for a different dining experience? Persian bistros are much rarer than other kinds of restaurants, and Bha! Bha! is a gem! Their slogan is ‘Old world flavor. New world flare.’ The crowded dining area has tables squished together, making you feel like you’re in a New York style eatery. The closeness of the tables, however, foster talking and meeting new people. The food here is as authentic Persian as it gets! 

Bha! Bha! Persian Bistro’s menu features a lot of rice, lamb, aubergine, garlic, and tomatoes. Some favorite starters include the kashke bademjune, flash friend eggplant, mango chutney and shrimp, and everyone acclaims the hummus! Try the turmeric dusted red snapper, lamb kabobs, or their signature dolmeh (stuffed grape leaves) for a dining experience you won’t soon forget. While the menu is heavy in lamb, beef, and chicken, there are also many vegetarian options and delicious, fresh vegetables to keep your palette watering. Whatever you do, do not miss dessert! If you are interested in an original and creative sweet like never before, try the butternut squash jewel cake. Or if you want something a little colder, indulge in the warm plum sauce and cinnamon ice cream to finish out your evening!

Fleming’s Steakhouse

  • Address: 8985 Tamiami Trail N
  • Phone: 239-598-2424
  • Hours: Mon.-Th. 5-10, Fri. & Sat. 5-11, Sun. 11-9
  • Menu
  • Directions

Fleming’s is a chain steakhouse with over 64 locations nationwide. Fleming’s has a great location in the Pavillion Shopping center. While this high-end restaurant has excellent food, people can’t stop raving about its service. Many couples choose to celebrate anniversaries or birthday family dinners at Fleming’s. The staff and management will make sure your night is one of a kind, even providing hand-signed cards by the cooks, a picture of the occasion, complimentary champagne, and chocolates. There is nothing Fleming’s won’t do to go above and beyond. While they might be a chain, they still source their food and wine locally to ensure the freshest ingredients for their patrons!

Some favorite appetizers include the shrimp cocktail, chilled seafood tower, lobster bisque, and wedge salad. Follow up with a juicy prime bone-in ribeye or the lobster tails. Fleming’s has a wide variety of both wet and dry-aged steaks as well as many seafood options. Their list of sides is long and includes sautéed mushrooms, crispy brussels sprouts and bacon, and roasted cauliflower steaks. Follow up with a sweet treat of chocolate lava cake, carrot cake, or fresh berries and Chantilly cream! 

Fleming’s also features a 3-course menu with an appetizer/soup/salad, a choice of four entrees, and a choice of three desserts for $45 a person! The menu also lists a changing selection titled ‘Chef Mike’s Table. This dish is the Chef’s choice of local or in-season foods. They are subject to change but should be taken into consideration when making your meal choices.

Another excellent option at Fleming’s is Sunday brunch, a newer feature to the menu. They put a surprisingly delicious steakhouse twist on the typical brunch suspects. Order the crunchy chicken and waffles, or fillet and eggs benedict with some mimosas! 

The Bevy

  • Address: 360 12th Avenue S
  • Phone: 239-228-4220
  • Hours: Mon.-Thurs. 3-10, Fri. & Sat. 3-11, Sun. 10-9
  • Happy Hour 3-6
  • Menu
  • Directions

The Bevy is a modern restaurant with the slogan ‘Eat + Sip + Socialize.’ Patrons claim they love the ambience and atmosphere here. The restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seating and is located just a few blocks from the beach. From the patio, you can watch the sunset over 3rd Street. The bar is the heart of The Bevy! This restaurant is known for its signature and creative cocktails. An example is ‘The Italian 75,’ which is rosemary and lavender vodka, lemon juice, and simple syrup plus a little heat. Compared to other places in downtown, its prices are much more reasonable.

Begin your meal with a signature cocktail or two followed by The Bevy’s signature chargrilled octopus appetizer or the favorite beet salad. The burgers and fries here are superb, but if you want something a little different, try the snapper amandine, or the ever raved-over braised lamb ragout. Finish up the evening with chocolate dipped key lime pie, toffee bread pudding, or the famous Nutella dirt cup! Join The Bevy on Sunday for brunch 10-2 and enjoy a bevy burger, barbacoa and smoke gouda omelet, or even an Asian kale salad. The Bevy has something for everyone, but to get the full experience, make sure to dabble in different cocktails!

Final Thoughts on the 16 Best Restaurants in Naples, FL

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