Tarpon Club at Fiddler's Creek

Posted by Dan Boyle on Friday, February 28th, 2014 at 10:48am.

Tarpon Club is Calling

It is impossible to live by the majestic Gulf of Mexico and resist the temptation to take a boat out onto it. In fact, the clear blue waters of the gulf is one of the biggest attractions for residents, and the marina provided by the Tarpon Club, Naples FL, provides an easy way to make the most of it.

Whether residents live in the southern end of Naples, Marco Island, or further inland in Hammock Bay or Fiddler’s Creek, boating and fishing is one of the most popular recreations. And even without direct access to a waterway or the gulf itself, you can still keep your own vessel ready to use whenever you choose.

Of course, in this region of Florida, there is no shortage of activities for Fiddler’s Creek residents, and others living a few miles from the coast. But through the Tarpon Club Marina, the best facilities are practically on your doorstep.

What the Tarpon Club Marina Offers

There are many marinas located around Naples and Marco Island, but few measure up to the Tarpon Club Marina. Located on Isles of Capri, the Tarpon Club, Naples FL, is a high-tech dry storage facility with direct access to the Gulf of Mexico.

It can store 140 boats (max. 36 ft) in a fully-enclosed and fully-secured building, while its fully-trained and experienced staff keep the boats safe and seaworthy. So, for residents of inland locations, like Hammock Bay or Fiddler’s Creek, boating and fishing is always an option.

And once your expedition returns, the staff provides a complete service – including rinsing down the hull and flushing the engine – before putting the boat back into storage ready for the next trip. So, boating activities for Fiddler’s Creek residents are always on the cards.

The Tarpon Club Initiative

So, how can the Tarpon Club, Naples FL, be so accessible even for those who are not living by the coast? Well, the truth is that many boat levers are unable to find the right property with their own dock or local marina – after all, Marco Island is hugely popular.

But through a special Tarpon Club initiative, run in conjunction with the Tarpon Club Marina and the Marco Beach Island Resort, exclusive to residents of Fiddler’s Creek, boating and fishing trips are simple to arrange and boat storage easy to access. The club also hosts several dinners, special events, boat excursions and nature lectures through the year.

The Tarpon Club Marina provides dry dock and storage facilities to Fiddler’s Creek residents, and can prepare boats within an hour’s notice for whatever boating adventure they want. Beach activities for Fiddler’s Creek residents are provided by the Marco Beach Island Resort, who open their poolside and beach facilities for free.

Activities Through The Tarpon Club, Naples FL

Amongst the activities available to residents of inland developments, like Fiddler’s Creek, boating and fishing are only a scratch on the surface. The Ten Thousand Island area, which stretches further south, offers an abundance of diving options too, with dozens of wrecks to visit (with guides) and island hopping through which an array of protected flora and fauna can be viewed. So, ocean activities for Fiddler’s Creek residents and others are by no means limited.

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