Fiddler's Creek- Marco Island's Neighbor

Posted by Dan Boyle on Thursday, February 20th, 2014 at 10:20am.

Fiddlers Creek KitchenAt first glance, it may seem an unlikely combination, but home buyers are increasingly expect residential developments that offer more than just comfortable homes. Perhaps the finest example of home, lifestyle and environment working in unison to meet those expectations is Fiddler’s Creek, next to Marco Island.

There are already more than 1,700 Fiddler’s Creek condos and family homes constructed in 35 communities across the overall development. When it is eventually completed, Fiddler’s Creek will have 6,000 homes across 100 communities, but while this may suggest an urban sprawl, developers have ensured that the environment is adequately conserved.

Fiddler’s Creek conservation policy is part of an overall plan that provides an ideal balance between residences, amenities and the environment in order to create a healthier and happier living experience for residents.

Commitment To The Environment

Wherever you live in the south Naples area, be it Fiddler’s Creek, Marco Island or Hammock Bay, the surrounding natural beauty is a major attraction for residents. But not many residential developments manage to marry the need for modern conveniences and amenities, and a sincere commitment to the environment.

Despite covering an overall area of 4,000 acres, less than 1,500 acres will ever be used in the construction of Fiddler’s Creek condos and homes. The rest has been reserved for green areas, sports and recreational facilities, 3 golf courses, and numerous nature reserves.

Already the Marsh Pointe Nature Reserve borders to south, occupying some 750 acres where bird, animal and plant life can safely live. Fiddler’s Creek conservation policy has also seen almost 5 miles of waterways constructed to enhance the living environment for local fish breeds, many with extended littoral zones to accommodate flora and fauna that depend on the waterside.

Fiddler’s Creek Lifestyle

What does this mean for Fiddler’s Creek residents? In essence, it means a higher quality of living - something very important to everyone in the area, whether living in Fiddler’s Creek, Marco Island or Hammock Bay.

With an extended area of natural beauty, residents escape the dullness of urban sprawl and instead find themselves in more tranquil surroundings. The boardwalk along Marsh Point Nature Park makes nature’s beauty is accessible to every Fiddler’s Creek condo and homeowner, without spoiling the habitat.

The green areas and water features secured through Fiddler’s Creek conservation efforts are a valued feature. Coupled with the world class amenities of the Health Club & Spa (pool, spa, gym, tennis, and award-winning 18-hole golf course), residents enjoy a clean and active life.

Fiddler’s Creek Property

Of course, the quality of residences is important too, and you’ll find a superb selection on offer in Fiddler’s Creek. Marco Island, in general, is famed for its stunning gulf views, but further inland here you will find equally impressive vistas along with homes to suit every pocket.

Fiddler’s Creek condos range from 2 bedrooms over 1,500 sq ft for $150,000 to luxury condos with 3 bedrooms over 3,000 sq ft over for $600,000. Single family homes range from 3 bedrooms over 1,600 sq ft for $265,000 to luxury 4 bedrooms over 4,300 sq ft for $2 million.

And practically every property overlooks waterways, nature preserves or the manicured fairways of the Creek or Rookery golf courses. Thanks to the Fiddler’s Creek conservation policy, the successful marriage of residences, modern amenities and the environment, life is better.

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