The Club and Spa
at Fiddler's Creek

Club and Spa of Fiddler's CreekEveryone loves to relax, if only to rest their body and mind and recharge their batteries. Through the Fiddler’s Creek Club & Spa, residents can not only relax but reinvigorate themselves through a range of treatments and regimens in the most luxurious surrounds.

A core aspect of the Fiddler’s Creek lifestyle, the center offers facilities and activities designed to enhance the quality of living in one of Florida’s most celebrated communities. Covering some 54,000 sq ft, the center boasts world-class recreational amenities, including a spa, a fitness center, tennis courts and resort-style family swimming pool facilities.

The Spa

Reinvigorating your body has never been so rewarding. At the Fiddler’s Creek Club & Spa, highly-trained staff are on hand to offer expertise in a wide range of treatments that replenish and re-energize, including massages, hot stone therapy, body wraps, aromatherapy, reflexology, and facials and other skin care treatments.

The Fitness Center

One of the largest facilities in the Fiddler’s Creek Club & Spa complex, the fitness center offers the very best in exercise equipment and fitness technology. Among its world-class recreational amenities are a 1,600 sq ft aerobics studio, an expansive fitness studio and a health station. Certified trainers give classes spinning, yoga, Tai Chi and other disciplines, while in keeping with the famous Fiddler’s Creek lifestyle, steams rooms and saunas are available to relax in after your workout.

Tennis Courts

The tennis facilities at the Club & Spa are amongst the finest anywhere in the state. A total of six hydro courts are provided, four of which are floodlit to allow evening matches. Along with these world-class recreational amenities, USPTA-qualified coaches are available to help you improve your game in time any of the many tournaments that take place through the year.

Aquatics Complex

What is the Fiddler’s Creek lifestyle without a pool? The Club & Spa offers a resort-style multi-pool aquatics complex, designed to suit the needs of all ages. From a sundeck and whirlpool spa for loungers to waterslides and a tiny-tot pool for the younger family members, fun by the pool is for everyone.